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 Animal Alliance
Of Canada


Build relevance for the Animal Alliance of Canada during the election season.


Animal Alliance of Canada is the voice for animals on a legislative scale. Without them, animals would need to take matters into their own "hands".


Show what would happen in the Animal Alliance's absence, in the form of an organized animal-only political party. Posters and election signs will be put up using the same avenues that traditional party candidates use in urban centres (Wild Postings, OOH, Social, and Lawn Signs) that lead people to a dedicated microsite. From there they can view their "candidate" for their riding, which will show all of the active objectives being taken on by the Animal Alliance from coast to coast. A separate and uniquely named animal will be made for every riding in Canada for the site and advertising purposes. Reveal posters will show the fact that this party isn't necessary with the presence of the Animal Alliance through reveal posters and a reveal page on the site when the visitor returns to the homepage a second time.

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Wild postings and lawn signs are the main avenues for the campaign, to match candidates from the major parties.

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In more densely populated ridings with fewer lawns and construction sites, OOH columns can be taken advantage of, as well as public transit train advertisements in Montréal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

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A dedicated microsite gives viewers a chance to see their "candidate" for their riding, when that page is viewed it shows the local issues in that area being taken on by the Animal Alliance. Upon returning to the homepage, a splash takeover reveals the campaign.


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